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Tea is a fascinating industry, surprising that it is millenary but always changing. Thus, artisans are always on the move, experimenting with new varieties and processes. From this love to innovation came the Black Tea “Sunset Honey”. A tea with the muscat notes from the best Darjeeling.

“Sunset Honeu” is made with the variety Qingxin, being Assamica the most common for the more famous black teas. This gives a different depth and richness in the brew, this is not a rule but usually Assamica teas are higher in caffeine. This variety used for High Mountain teas has smaller leaves and due to the height grows slowly and absorbs more nutrients.

Black Teas (Hongcha, called Red Teas in Asia) are usually made from Summer or Autumn harvests which are usually not so bright and are more bitter to present as green or light oolong teas. As it is a winter version, it has more body and richness. The master took the opportunity to process the leaves as black tea when he realized the unusual sweetness of this harvest. This sweetness usually appears due to a tiny bug that sucks the juice of the leaf, as a defense the plant develops the chemicals that add this appreciated honey flavor. The same sweetness so looked for in famous teas such as Oriental Beauty or Darjeeling.

The aroma of the dry leaf is spectacular, with sugar cane and dried raspberries. In the mouth, it is a spicy tea that has the sweetness of ripe fruit. This Black Tea “Sunset Honey” activates you without the jitters, providing a calm energy. The liquor is clean, a nice reddish orange. The dried leaves are long, fine and unbroken, showing care in the rolling and handling. Once wet they open and are whole, soft like velvet.

From the Taiwanese Miaoli 苗栗 area where high quality tea crops abound. Very recommended to get ready for your meditation or meditate with it. Also will gladly accompany an afternoon tea. In Gongfu style, remember to make short infusions with this tea.

Black tea honey “Sunset Honey” calls you by

  • Honey Black tea made with the cultivar of the best Taiwanese oolong teas.
  • Comforting and soothing.
  • Discover the unknown but excellent black teas from Taiwan.
Amount of tea 1st infusion Following
Number of
GongFu 100ºC
2,5 gr. per 100 ml 15 seconds +10 seconds 5+
Western 2,5 gr. per cup 2 minutes +60 seconds 3
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Additional information

Weight N/A

MiaoLi 苗栗


1 bud and 2 leaves, Hand picked


1.000 meters


Stripped leaves, Total oxidation

Production year





Green heart QingXin 清心


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