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Taiwan is land of Oolong. And in return other types of teas go unfairly unnoticed. The Green Tea “Sunrise” is the famous Biluochun 碧螺春, a tea originating from Jiangsu in mainland China. Area close to Fujian, home to many famous Chinese teas. Being this a region geographically very close to Taiwan, it is not surprising that this variety also arrived on the island. The one we have here comes from SanXia 三峽 which is the most renowned area for its local cultivation. The name Biluochun means “green spring snail” and it is said that the Emperor KangXi gave it this name because of its thin and rolled shape. It is a tea that became famous for its “scary fragance” and is considered one of the 10 great Chinese teas. As soon as you open a package of “Sunrise” it overwhelms your nose.

Visually the first thing that stands out is the abundant tips with white hair. It is a tea with many buds which is usually synonymous with careful harvesting at the right time in spring. It smells very fresh, of flowers and freshly cut grass with a seaweed marine touch. It is made from the cultivar “QingXin GanZai” 青心柑仔, not very common in Taiwan and almost exclusively used for green teas, including the scented one.

If I were to describe this Biluochun it would be elegant and fragrant. Like most of Chinese green teas, in the mouth it’s a very subtle tea, with a sweet vegetable soup flavor and a pronounced nutty umami. The liquor is like a caress, of a nice pale green color, very soft. If you can prepare it in glass teaware you will add up to the overall experience. Oolong are resistant teas that withstand very high temperatures, but with a green tea like this we have to put an extra care choosing the right temperature and times. But nevertheless you can explore and prepare it with just boiled water. Below I leave a table with basic advice.

It is a tea collected in winter 2019 but it still retains its freshness intact. In winter the production is lower than in spring, less aromatic but with more strength.

“Sunrise” will brighten your day by

  • Light as a breeze.
  • A classic Chinese tea in its Taiwanese version.
  • Made in glassware, teapot, gaiwan or glass, it will give you extra enjoyment.
of water
Amount of tea Time
1st infusion
Number of
GongFu 70-80ºC
4 gr. per 100 ml 1 minute + 30 sec. 3+
Western 2,5 gr. per cup 3 minutes + 30 seconds 3
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Additional information

Weight N/A

1 bud and 2 leaves, Hand picked


600 meters


Sanxia 三峽, Taiwan


no oxidation, Stripped leaves

Production year





QingXin GanZai 青心柑仔


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