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A sweet and warm taste like cream. That is Jinxuan. Oolong tea “Creamy Jinxuan” is known as “Milky Oolong”. The jinxuan 金萱 “golden lily” variety was created in Taiwan a few decades ago is characterized by its natural dairy flavor due to the presence of a compound called “lactones”.

Among the more traditional artisans, jinxuan is not an Oolong tea, but the processing it’s the same. This is the best jinxuan that I have found so far in TasteaTaiwan. It is grown at more than 1000 meters high in Alishan and it’s also a high mountain tea.

Processed with low oxidation, not much more than a green tea. Loose ball shaped rolled leaves. Usually jinxuan is not a fancy tea, it is produced in high amounts using leaves bigger and more mature than high quality oolongs. But the leaves of “Creamy Jinxuan” are delicate, smaller and unbroken. The biggest difference that I see in this jinxuan is the abundance of very tender shoots with many white hairs. The result is palpable in its delicate and persistent flavor after more than 5 infusions.

The infusion liquor has a greenish color and the brew is thick, like silk in the mouth. It looks very transparent and pure, with a cover of almost invisible tiny fluff. The smell is sweet and vegetal with jinxuan’s characteristic naixiang 奶香, “cream aroma” and a lingering aftertaste.

Creamy Jinxuan is the perfect tea to organize an afternoon tea at home in good company, scones and small bites. A daily tea very enjoyable for Gongfu sessions. You can use just boiled water to brew it, but you can give it a try with lower temperature too.

Creamy Jinxuan tea is the best of this kind that you have tried by

  • This level of care is rare in a Jinxuan tea.
  • If you haven’t yet you should discover the dairy sweetness of a good Jinxuan.
  • Natural and without additives.
of water
Amount of tea Time
1st infusion
Number of
GongFu 95ºC
3,5 gr. per 100 ml 30 sec. + 10 sec. 5+
Western 2,5 gr. per cup 2 minutes + 30 seconds 3
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Additional information

Weight 50 g

1.000 meters

Production year



Ball-shaped, Light oxidation 15%




Ali Mountain 阿里山


1 bud and 3 leaves


Jinxuan 金萱


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