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The Frozen Peak Oolong, DongDing in Chinese 凍頂, also written Tung-Ting is an Oolong tea with a medium oxidation and medium to high roast original from Taiwan. It is the trademark of Lugu village near DongDing mount, place that together with Muzha and the famous tea mountains are the main tea areas of the island. Due to the high production it’s possible to find affordable and good quality Frozen Peak Oolong, but also flat an boring ones.

Looking for a good DongDing is the same as trying to find excellent craftsmanship. Only someone skilled will be able to create the better versions of this low-elevation tea (around 600 meters). Nowadays I have seen light or even non roasted versions, in the fashion of the Mainland Tieguanyin, but the traditional one is the most unique. The variety used is Qingxin, the Taiwanese inheritor of the Rock Teas from the WuYi mountains in China, sometimes also called RuanZhi 軟枝 “soft stem” but it’s not very clear if this is a variety on its own.

For me it’s a very special tea, the first quality Oolong I tried and made me fall in love with Taiwanese teas. Different from most of the teas you can find in supermarkets, a good roast cannot be mass produced. Lugu is the scenery for some of the most famous tea competitions in Taiwan and the winners will see the price of their teas raise to the sky. It’s a village of tea artisans.

This version is a very good tea for the office, a daily drinker. The roasting and good quality makes it very difficult to brew it bitter no matter how busy you are and forget the tea. With a spoonful (2,5gr) you can enjoy 4 large 250ml cups, that’s about 10 cents per cup. The smoky and warm roasted will fade with each brew, giving place to the green character inside of the leaves.

Frozen Peak will be your companion by

  • Best quality/price ratio.
  • Perfect for the office or home.
  • A tea with strong character.
Amount of tea 1st infusion Following
Number of
GongFu 100ºC
5 gr. per 100 ml 30 seconds +10 seconds 5+
Western 2,5 gr. per cup 2 minutes +30 seconds 3
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Additional information

Weight 50 g
Production year



600 meters


Ball-shaped, Medium oxidation 25-35%




DongDing mount 凍頂




1 bud and 3 leaves, Hand picked


Green heart QingXin 清心


25 gr. Taste it!, 50 gr., 150 gr. Best Price!


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