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This tea is part of the extraordinary Spring 2018 teas my teacher helped me to find.

¿What is GABA? Nothing less than gamma-Aminobutyric acid. GABA is one more twist to the health benefits of tea and a curiosity because it should be better considered a new type of tea! Tea has to be promoted as part of a healthy lifestyle, never as a miracle medicine. Perhaps a remedy for the soul 🙂

We use to talk about tea oxidation, something that happens due to Oxygen. But the “oxidation” in GABA tea is made by Nitrogen. It’s a process discovered in 1984 by a Japanese scientist. The levels of catechins and caffeine keep stable but the glutamic acid transforms into GABA. For a tea to be considered GABA needs to have at least 150 mg of GABA per 100 gr of tea (3.5 oz).

GABA benefits

Why is a GABA tea interesting? GABA is something present in a natural way in our bodies and certain foods. There is no clear evidence that GABA enters the brain blood flow, but there are external receptors with which it reacts. There is scientific evidence that GABA relaxes, reduce anxiety levels and helps with hypertension. It also helps immune system. But more studies are necessary to shed light because not few vendors claim GABA to be a miracle in the shape of tea leaves.

GABA Oolong

From my experience the problem is that is difficult to find a GABA tea with good and balanced flavor. GABA usually creates funny flavor profiles: sour, too acid or musty. But TasteaTaiwan GABA tea is one of the Spring favorites of not few people despite not tasting like regular tea. And is very relaxing to have it in the afternoon/night.

TasteaTaiwan GABA Oolong is made using Jinxuan 金萱, the cultivar used for the famous milky oolong. Is a rolled tea typical processing method in Taiwan and the leaves are almost purple, with high oxidation (nitrogenation?), more reddish and not so dark as usual.

The result liquor is also darker but lighter than a red tea, being the aroma pleasant and fruity. The taste is also composed of red fruits, slightly sour but at the same time sweet.

Give GABA tea a chance

  • It’s a new type of tea.
  • Extra healthy and relaxing.
  • Different flavor profile, taste it and decide by yourself.
Amount of tea 1st infusion Following
Number of
GongFu 100ºC
5 gr. per 100ml 30 seconds +10 seconds 5+
Western 2,5 gr. per cup 2 minutes +30 seconds 3
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Additional information

Weight 50 g

Ali Mountain 阿里山


1 bud and 3 leaves, Hand picked


Ball-shaped, Medium/high oxidation 35-55%




Jinxuan 金萱


25 gr., 150 gr. Best Price!

Production year





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