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Taiwan’s most popular high-mountain oolong teas are made from the 清心 Qingxin variety, “pure/green heart”. Usually with very light oxidation, so called “green oolongs”. The result is very light and floral teas with the pure flavor of the mountain. Teas grown at more than 1,000 meters of altitude in various mountainous areas of Taiwan, one of the most famous being Shanlinxi. From this region in the center of the island comes this “Organic Green Oolong tea Shanlinxi”, a high mountain tea.

Slightly oxidized at 15% and on the border between green tea and oolong. A floral and aromatic tea with very fresh citrus tones. Shanlinxi is a rarity, a mixed fir forest in the subtropical climate of Taiwan. The height of the mountain creates a harder environment for the crop that has to adapt and grow stronger. This tea has been picked in winter which enhances the body of the liquor. I like winter teas, with a more pronounced body than spring teas.

I want to move in this direction but seldom offer organic teas. Many of the big companies get the certificate for the sole purpose of the business and price increase. Few small producers are interested in it because they can already sell their artisan teas and some are already organically produced even if they don’t have any certifications.

In a way organic teas are more simple, with a very pure flavor. One aspect of organic teas is that I personally like to enjoy them in longer sessions. I don’t mind making 8 or more infusions even though in the end there is hardly any flavor left. At the end, a very natural and pleasant sweetness persists.

Organic Green Oolong Shanlinxi will transport you to the mountain by

  • Sweet fragrance and fresh taste.
  • The High mountain always makes a difference.
  • If you like green teas, you should try the Taiwanese light green oolongs.
of water
Amount of tea Time
1st infusion
Number of
GongFu 100ºC
2,5 gr. per 100 ml 30 sec. + 10 sec. 5
Western 2,5 gr. per cup 2 minutes + 30 sec. 3
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Additional information

Weight 50 g

Nantou 南投, Shanlinxi mountain 杉林溪


1 bud and 3 leaves, Hand picked


1.400 meters


Ball-shaped, Light oxidation 15%


Green heart QingXin 清心

Production year





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