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This tea is part of the extraordinary Spring 2018 teas my teacher helped me to find. Comes from CuiFeng 翠峰 near Lishan, center area of Taiwan. I think home place of the best Lishan teas.

High mountain Oolong Green Emerald. 2018 Spring tea from CuiFeng 翠峰 in the South of Taiwan, Lishan area. It is a wonder, each person has their tastes and only your palate will indicate whether you like a tea or not, but objectively this Oolong has all the best of a high mountain tea and everything you can ask for to one. One sip carries the force of spring.

The elevation of this garden is between the highest in Taiwan, more than 2000 meters in this famous area whose quality is reaffirmed year after year. Several of the best Oolong I have tasted have come from here consistently.

Nowadays we can find Oolong made with many different varieties, but for competition in Taiwan always use QingXin 清心, “pure heart”. Make sure what it is before buying. QingXin is the variety that grows slower and develops more depth and character. The plant accumulates more nutrients because it can not be collected as often as others.

The leaves are rolled by hand and as such unfold very easily on contact with freshly boiled water. They look dark green and smell fresh as a field in bloom. Once water is applied they show some soft leaves of a very very intense green. Not broken, 3-4 large and small leaves joined by a stem as is usual in Taiwanese Oolong. But only good leaves are insufficient to make an excellent tea. I have learned over time that a good master is essential. Proficient masters are scarcer than good tea crops.

It offers an excellent balance between the “creaminess” typical of high mountain crops with a vegetable profile and very intense white flowers and fruits notes. The flowery aroma should always be present in a good quality high mountain Oolong. The spring version enhances this fragrance. 2018 has had a cold and late spring which shows in the thicker body of the liquor.

Green Emerald Oolong is a dazzling tea. It has a hand processed oxidation and drying and a little roasting to round off the flavor. The very slightly reddish edges prove it. It gives rise to a green liquor, vibrant and transparent but with a lot of activity. With a medium / high body of light syrup. It slides down the throat without problems and its flavor persists in the form of HuiGan 回甘 (sweetness that returns) in the throat.

My teacher describes this tea as GanChun 甘醇, something like Sweet and Pure. And it is the best description because I find it difficult to find similes to describe this liquor that seems more like an ambrosia. It provokes a deep sensation of relaxation and concentrates in the head. When I have a Gongfu session with this tea many times I can not get past this one.

Green Emerald Oolong brings the Spring to your home because

  • Each Oolong develops a marked character.
  • Spring teas are the most fragrant.
  • This tea is a gift for the senses and each session lasts for long.
Amount of tea 1st infusion Following
Number of
GongFu 100ºC
5 gr. per 100ml 30 seconds +10 seconds 5+
Western 2,5 gr. per cup 2 minutes +30 seconds 3
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Additional information

Weight 50 g

CuiFeng 翠峰


1 bud and 3 leaves, Hand picked


2.000 meters


Ball-shaped, Light oxidation 15%




Green heart QingXin 清心


25 gr., 150 gr. Best Price!

Production year





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