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The new winter 2019 version of the GABA tea from TasteaTaiwan is also organic. Once again it is made with the Jinxuan 金萱 variety, since the artisan considered this one to give the best results in terms of flavor. Jinxuan is used to create the famous Milky Oolong. GABA teas are usually a bit acidic and different on the palate so the natural sweetness of this variety provides a good balance. The substance GABA together with melatonin are very important substances in sleep, helping to calm down the activity of your brain. And remember that there is nothing more destructive than “monkey mind”!

So as I think it is an excellent tea to relax or even help you before meditating or relaxing, I have baptized it “OMM” (Aum), the “sound of the universe”.

What is GABA tea?

The oxidation of tea is  caused by the oxygen in the atmosphere. But in the “oxidation” of GABA tea nitrogen instead is used. A process discovered in 1984 by a Japanese scientist. Catechin and caffeine levels are maintained but glutamine acid is transformed into GABA. For a tea to be considered GABA it must contain 150 mg of GABA per 100 grams of tea. Teas naturally has a certain amount of GABA.

Benefits of GABA

GABA is a component that is found naturally in our body and especially healthy foods such as vegetables, nuts and fermented fruits. There is no clear evidence to show that external GABA enters the bloodstream of the brain, but there are external receptors with which it reacts. So there is some  scientific evidence that GABA relaxes, reduces anxiety and helps with hypertension. It also helps the immune system. But more studies are needed to better understand it.

“OMM” tea features

The GABA Oolong from TasteaTaiwan is organic and the processing is in stripped shape, externally similar to a mid-oxidized tea, with the leaf being more reddish and not as dark.

It brews a dark yellow liquor, lighter than a black tea (hongcha) and the aroma is pleasant and unique. Slightly fruity and sweet notes typical of oxidation but with a somewhat sour-fruit character.

Give GABA a try for

  • A new kind of tea.
  • The best way to decide if the GABA affects you is trying it.
  • A tea with a different flavor and body sensations.
of water
Amount of tea Time
1st infusion
Number of
GongFu 100ºC 5 gr. per 100 ml 30 seconds + 10 seconds 5+
Western 2,5 gr. per cup 2 minutes + 30 seconds 3
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Additional information

Weight 50 g

Ali Mountain 阿里山


Hand picked


Medium/high oxidation 35-55%, Stripped leaves


Jinxuan 金萱

Production year





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